REWAISE is structured in 9 living labs and grouped in 3 main hubs, according to hydro-logical resources and needs, depending on geography and climate. The three main regions selected are:

  • MEDITERRANEAN: (Denia, Salamanca, Extremadura)
  • ATLANTIC: (Vigo, Midlands, Cantabrian region)
  • CONTINENTAL: (Poznan, Ostrava, Skaane)

The 9 living labs address:

  • Different water sources: surface, rain, ground, sea, brackish water, and water that comes from municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Various water users: urban, rural, industrial, and agricultural
  • Different raw materials, nutrients, bioproduct and bioenergy recovery.
  • 5 main governance models: Public Company, Delegated Public Management, Direct Private Management, Delegated Private Operation and Concession)

In addition, 6 target follower sites are selected to implement the best practice observed, adding around 2,5 million people to the spectrum of different water situations.

Burgas (Bulgaria), Dublin (Ireland) Atenas (Greece), Caltanissetta (Italy), Algarve (Portugal) and Odense (Denmark)

REWAISE, through this 9 Living Labs will contribute to:

  • Water-smart society: it will establish a common framework of digital innovations that supports alternative water management.
  • New business models: REWAISE will create new market niches for the alternative products obtained in the project and will also attract investors to the innovative processes and services in water smart activities.
  • New governance methods: the project will redefine the governance models and provide recommendations that can remove unnecessary legal barriers to innovation in Europe.
  • Social engagement: REWAISE’s 9 Living Labs are based on an understanding of their societal context toward water smart community.