REWAISE proposes a paradigm shift towards a carbon-neutral water cycle, addressing the technological, financial, legal and social issues so we can harness the full value of water, considering three key components of economic and social value generated by comprehensive water cycles:

Value in Water

Extracting and benefitting from the dissolved substances and energy inherent in raw and used water streams.


Value from Water

Water is essential for economic activities and businesses related to the water sector will be promoted.


Value through Water

The social, health and well-being functions of water are limitless, as it enables almost all our economic activities.


Living Labs

REWAISE demonstrates innovative technologies, processes and governance models at nine living labs, grouped into three hubs (Mediterranean, Atlantic and Continental).



Based on the Water Innovation Accelerator-WIN model, WINcubator will support a market arena to boost small to medium enterprise participation, using open innovation to develop new business models around water and alternative funding mechanisms.


The Consortium

25 research and water industry entities working together to create a new “smart water ecosystem”; mobilising all relevant stakeholders so that society can embrace the true value of water; and reducing freshwater and energy use; resulting in a carbon-free, sustainable hydrological cycle to transition into a resilient circular economy.


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