WINCubator is an accelerator support ambitious business plans connecting large utility users with creative product suppliers. It is based on the Swedish Water Innovation Network-WIN model and its goal is to support a market arena using open innovation, where specific challenges are being identified and solutions proposed, with coaching to assist in realising growth potential and developing ambitious business plans.

The project outputs are being analysed by the professional public (companies, stakeholders, municipalities) for its full application potential, and translated to the development of new regional strategies, to integrate new technologies into the design of new circular water services. To that end, six sites (two per hub) have been selected as replication followers, where the proposed solutions are being evaluated.

Every WINCubator meeting is a new opportunity for innovators to show their cutting-edge solutions within the water sector and for investors and other stakeholders to get in touch with what is new in the industry.

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Launch session: 27th October 2022

Second session: 17th and 18th May 2023

Third session: 17th October 2023

Fourth session: 24th October 2023

Fifth session: 16th November 2023