CIRSEAU, building a water-smart economy and society in Europe

CIRSEAU = CIRcular Smart Economy + EAU (for water)

In their first year of work, the 5 European projects approved under the Horizon 2020 Programme (CE-SC5-04-2019) have joined forces to generate synergies and work together for a better water-smart economy and society in Europe. Together, they have created the CIRSEAU Cluster, which comes from the acronyms CIRcular Smart Economy + EAU (for water).

With a total budget of €84.0M (€71.5M financed by the European Union), REWAISE, ULTIMATE, Water Mining, B-Water Smart and Wider Uptake work together towards a “water-smart” economy and society in which all available water resources, including surface, ground, waste and process water, are managed in a way that avoids water scarcity and pollution, increases resilience to climate change, adequately manages water-related risks and ensures the recovery of all valuable substances that can be obtained from wastewater treatment processes.

CIRSEAU has 4 working groups to establish synergies between the 5 projects and work together in these areas: Stakeholder Engagement, Communication, Systemic Innovation and Impact Assessments & LCA. Between all projects, 35 case studies are covered: 9 in REWAISE, 9 in ULTIMATE, 6 in Water Mining, 6 in B-Water Smart and 5 in Wider Uptake.