REWAISE was present at the EDS conference in Las Palmas, Spain

On the last 20th to 23rd of June, REWAISE was present at the Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy conference held in Las Palmas, Spain. The conference was organized by the European Desalination Society (EDS) to demonstrate how fresh water can be provided with low energy requirements and at affordable costs. 

During the event, Frank Rogalla Director of Innovation and Technology at Aqualia, REWAISE’s project coordinator, hosted a session, where talked about REWAISE: resilient water innovation for smart economy. As well as, Victor Monsalvo-García, Head of Eco-efficiency Area, Innovation and Technology Department at Aqualia, who participated in a session of ‘A feasibility study of table salt production from seawater reverse osmosis brine’, and Juan Arévalo Vilches, Project Manager of I+D at Aqualia, who participated in various open discussions and conferences during the event. Also, other REWAISE partners were present like Università degli Studi di Palermo (UNIPA). Andrea Cipollina talked about their work in SEArcular Mine, which will continue in REWAISE.

Other EU-funded projects, as Sea4Value and WATER-MINING, that are also developing innovation technology to recover mineral from brines have participated in the conference. Dimitris Xevgenos has presented during the event the CIRSEAU Cluster (WATER-MINING, B-Water Smart, WIDER UPTAKE, ULTIMATE Water & REWAISE), in which REWAISE is well represented. This cluster is meant to change the water cycle in Europe, creating a new smarter and wiser cycle, reducing water losses and scarcity.