REWAISE at the IWA World Water Congress

REWAISE will participate in the IWA World Water Congress (IWA WWC) – Water for smart liveable cities, hold on the 11th to the 15th of September in Copenhagen, Denmark. The venue will report on the water sector progress and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The emphasis will be on SDG6, which is dedicated to water and sanitation.

On 14th of September REWAISE will hold the workshop “Water Orientated Living Labs (WOLL) as a mean to engage stakeholders in the development and demonstration of water technologies”

The workshop presents cases and discusses WOLL’s as a mean to engage stakeholders to co-develop water technologies and speed up the demonstration of innovation. 

WOLL’s and lessons learnt are presented from different European regions and sectors. The projects that participate in the session are:

  • Water Europe, Belgium who will give an overview of European WOLL’s Atlas and mechanisms to promote its development, presented by the association leading this effort.
  • Scottish Water Horizons will present the Water Test Network, offering testing facilities for SMEs to develop new technology. Partners are from Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Belgium.
  • REWAISE, will presents activities of 24 partners demonstrating innovative processes and governance models at WOLL’s in three hubs (Mediterranean, Atlantic and Continental).
  • Sweden Water Research will present Oerewise, the Greater Copenhagen Living Lab focusing on climate change adaptation in urban areas of the Oeresund Region.

These topics will be discussed by experts in the field, such as:

  • Jens Prisum, Director at PRISUM Water & Environment Denmark 
  • Durk Krol, Executive Director at Water Europe
  • Andrea Rubini, Director of Operations at Water Europe
  • Beatriz Medina, Partner and Socio-Environmental Innovation Expert at WE&B, who is part of the REWAISE consortium.
  • Ruth McNeil, Project Manager at the Scottish Water Horizons
  • Henrik Aspegren, CEO at the Sweden Water Research     

Furthermore, during the IWA WWC will be given technical tours to some of Denmark’s leading water projects and facilities. These short tours will be available during the conference, as well as full-day trips to Finland and Sweden before and after the congress.

Our Swedish team in REWAISE has organized a technical tour, on 16 September, to visit the cities of Malmö, Lund, and Helsingborg and three exciting urban development areas where our team works with stormwater and wastewater in new and innovative ways. The first and second stops in the programme are connected to REWAISE EU project: visiting the newly built wooden parking building in Sege Park, Malmö, where stormwater is collected for watering the green walls of the climate-neutral building and the Brunnshög park area in Lund which is planned with sustainability and climate adaptation in focus, and where REWAISE is testing membrane techniques to purify stormwater for new uses.