CIRSEAU Stakeholder Engagement Working Group

Members of the REWAISE project are participating in stakeholder engagement activities within CIRSEAU, a cluster of projects from the same European call that REWAISE is part of. Some activities have been proposed within the working group to achieve all project’s objectives.

The 5 sister projects under the CIRSEAU Water Alliance (B-WaterSmart, REWAISE, ULTIMATE, Water-Mining and WIDER UPTAKE) all emphasise the relevance of meaningful stakeholder engagement to effectively contribute towards a Water-Smart Society.

This is necessary to enhance the success of project outcomes and their overall success by maximising the value and impact of solutions and approaches to meet societal needs and challenges in water management.

To achieve this, the Stakeholder Engagement Working Group assumes the following activities:

  • Firstly, the Working Group aims to identify and analyse various stakeholder engagement approaches employed across the projects.
  • Secondly, the Working Group provides support for coordinating relevant stakeholder engagement through case studies.
  • Thirdly, the Working Group aims to leverage synergies among different stakeholder platforms.
  • Lastly, the Working Group aims to extract valuable lessons learned from the projects.

By focusing on these activities, the Working Group is able to establish an inclusive and collaborative project environment that promotes efficiency, consistency, and continuous improvement in stakeholder engagement practices, ultimately leading to enhanced project outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction across all the sister projects.

WE&B, leader of WP9-Governance and Social Engagement, is the organisation representing this group on behalf of REWAISE.