Aqualia and Salamanca’s City Council inaugurate an Innovation Centre for the Integral Water Cycle in Spain

Last week, on September 28th, our project coordinator Aqualia inaugurated an Innovation Centre for the Integral Water Cycle in Salamanca (Spain) in collaboration with the local City Council. The goal of this centre, placed in Salamanca’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), is to make the city of Salamanca a referent regarding green technologies, as national and international projects are already ongoing within these facilities.

Part of Aqualia’s team, including our project coordinator Frank Rogalla, attended this event in person to inaugurate the centre, which aims at coordinating national and international activities surrounding two main areas: water treatment and human consumption water management.

The different technologies and activities that will be carried out in Salamanca’s WWTP will enable the generation of renewable hydrogen, biomethane and other bioproducts from different biowaste. [SMP1] These new installations forming the Innovation Centre, located in the plant, will host innovative solutions to tackle current and future challenges towards an integral and sustainable water cycle. In addition, a decarbonised wastewater management will be pursued, paired with innovative technologies and digital tools, enabling circular economy, a water-smart society and the obtention of the true value of water.

Salamanca’s WWTP is very important for the REWAISE project, as well as for the ECLOSION project, both coordinated by Aqualia, because part of the research and technology development is being carried out there. The ECLOSION project seeks new renewable energies models of green hydrogen production, which are complementary to electrolysis and unrelated to the availability of high-quality water, and integrated into a decarbonized energy model under the principles of the circular economy and digitization.

And, as you know, REWAISE’s main goal is to develop different technologies and solutions for an efficient and sustainable wastewater management, by creating a smart water ecosystem. The inauguration of an Innovation Centre in Salamanca’s plant will foster new cutting-edge technologies and projects, which surely will positively impact the REWAISE project and will enable knowledge transfer and innovation.

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