Navigating Water Needs in Hydrogen Production

16th of November 2023

WIN hosted an online WINCubator meeting called Navigating Water Needs in Hydrogen Production on the 16th of November. This event wanted to dive deep into the key role of hydrogen within the renewable energy sector as well as the preservation of water resources.

The meeting attracted a wide range of attendees, with participation from utilities, research, industry, investors and a lot of startup companies. After the presentations of several entities, WIN facilitated business matchmaking sessions through their WIN Mingle Map to connect different professionals and enable valuable contacts.

In our shift to renewable energy, hydrogen could play a key role. Yet, as we delve into this journey, we face challenges from a water preserving perspective: how do we maximize the potential of hydrogen while preserving our water resources, which are fundamental to many industries? The role of water in the coming hydrogen economy has so far not been discussed very much and this WINCubator meeting enabled some really interesting perspectives.

Eurowater gave a broad overview of the area, which amounts of water is needed, how it is treated. What are the costs in form of water usage and energy consumption when using different types of water. In this very informative presentation, there were also examples of Eurowater setups for in different installations, serving different types of hydrolyse units.

Hydrogen Lift presented a very innovative way of producing hydrogen. Using the buoyancy effect of deep waters and excess heat to increase efficiency. BIOFOS presented what synergies that can be achieved from co-locating a hydrogen plant with a wastewater treatment plant. It was clear that there is a long list of advantages, number one being the access to large volumes of suitable water.

Right before the break, JUMO presented what types of products they provide to measure and control the process of making ultra clean water and hydrogen production. Finally, the business matchmaking sessions (facilitated by WIN Mingle Map) were prepared to give all attendees the best chances for valuable contacts. WIN’s statistics state that between 3-6 contacts will be followed up after a WIN Meeting.

BIOFOS presenting during the WINCubator session