WINcubator session at REWAISE’s General Assembly

17th October 2023

REWAISE’s 6th General Assembly Meeting took place on the 16th and 17th of October 2023. During the second day, REWAISE invited 4 innovators to pitch their ideas to the REWAISE consortium.

WIN introduced and moderated this WINCubator session, with the objective to enable new technologies faster access to the water market by direct uptake in the REWAISE utilities. Some examples from previous WINCubator meetings were given, where companies created a new business relationship after the first event in Malmö in October 2022: PEAB – Sanitation 360, FM Mattsson – Watersprint, IKEA – Flowloop.

All pitch sessions in Coventry included presentations from innovative companies.

The first one to present was DALI pipeline monitoring, with a solution to reduce losses from NRW (Non-Revenue Water), uses Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to automatically pinpoint the exact location of leaks.

Guerilla Tech showed their idea for urban-surface runoff: a retrofittable device on roadside drains to capture particulate pollution (membrane-less phase separation without electricity or moving parts). Then, it was time for AQR Safewater to showcase their innovation, which was a small-scale disinfection system for colour removal and pathogen inactivation. It combined a novel hydroxyl radical delivery module and a low-pressure membrane filter.

As Severn Trent Water was the host of the General Assembly, they brought their own experts. Workers from Severn Trent’s showed a cleaning tool for trickling filter distribution arms, an internal development from Severn Trent Water that was presented in their yearly Challenge Cup for employees.