REWAISE project participated in the Water Business Forum held in Dubai

On the last 22nd of March, REWAISE EU Project was present at the Water Business Forum held in Dubai. During the event, the true value of water was highlighted as well as how clean and adequate water is ensured for people, industry, and the planet.

REWAISE’s coordinator, Aqualia, presented the project during the event. Eva Martinez Diaz, Head of R&D Smart Services at Aqualia, outlined the mantra of the REWAISE project: the use of smart technology to address challenges facing the water sector.

The Co-President Research & Development Committee International Desalination Association, Victor Monsalvo, who is also involved in REWAISE activity, shared his experiences with low-energy desalination, which can produce 800,000 cubic metres of water per day. Currently, wastewater, which contains chemical energy that is not used, is a key resource to harvest in order to power desalination. There is a technology that could dramatically transform the desalination field and reduce energy usage. Currently, desalination plants are to be transformed into low-energy sustainable chemical factories. Ongoing projects in Europe include Sea4Value and REWAISE, which brings together 25 partners and 10 disruptive solutions.

Find attached the event summary below.