AQUALIA and AQUAPORIN organise a joint webinar on water treatment and water reuse

Las 17th of January, Aqualia – REWAISE’s coordinator – and Aquaporin – another member of our consortium – organised and presented a webinar called Energy-efficient water treatment and water reuse.

Søren Robenhagen, Business development director at Aquaporin, hosted the online event and presented both speakers: Jan Benecke, Head of Commercial engineering RO at Aquaporin, and Víctor Monsalvo, Head of eco-efficiency, innovation and technology at Aqualia. Over 130 worldwide experts connected to this event full of insights to improve the efficiency of water treatment and reuse.

After Søren’s presentation, Jan from Aquaporin explained how biomimetic membranes work and their benefits. These membranes incorporate aquaporins, which are the same proteins we have in our kidneys to filter liquids. Biomimetic membranes require 20% less energy and its price is around 23% cheaper than other membranes. After explaining these facts, Jan exposed a case study of the use of these membranes in Singapore.

Then it was time to listen to lessons learned from the collaboration between Aqualia and Aquaporin implementing the membranes in different applications of European projects. These were presented by Víctor from Aqualia, who showed how the biomimetic membranes work in some services managed by Aqualia (Herencia, Berja, Oviedo, Denia).

Víctor also explained specific case studies from the REWAISE and the ULTIMATE projects and how they contribute both to energy efficiency and to water treatment and reuse. Through Aquaporins membranes and Aqualia’s expertise, high quality water is produced with a lower energy consumption. This is how our partners contribute to a more water-smart society.

If couldn’t attend the webinar, you can watch it here.

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